Posted on Saturday, 28 September

@acrylick Fall 2013 available now at and everywhere Acrylick is sold. Go get it! #reminisceoverthis

Posted on Friday, 27 September

Don’t forget next week myself, @dj_erok & @djpdot take over #YojieBeats presented by @theswishersociety & @yojiejapanesefondue (Diamond Bar) sponsored by @acrylick

Posted on Friday, 27 September

#wdywt @nikesb Neckface SB Chronicles Blazer Premium. Yellow…Mustard on my feet hoe.

Posted on Wednesday, 18 September

It’s all in the details. Big things coming from the @yojiejapanesefondue/@theswishersociety. Big up @trilllogy for the meeting of the minds with @dj_erok and I. October 2 stayed tuned #swishout #swishersocietymeetscriticalbeatdown

Posted on Wednesday, 11 September

@acrylick Fall 2013 look book now online #WeReminisceOverThis #TheMessageIsTheConcept

Posted on Wednesday, 11 September

It was my first year in college in San Diego, as I was walking to class people were rushing to the commons for some reason. The atmosphere felt odd, I walked over and everyone was glued to the TV. I walked in as one of the towers went down. I was in shock, it seemed as if the world stood still. I looked over to my friends and said we should go home to be with our families. I couldn’t even figure out what I was feeling at the time. What was lost will never be forgotten.

Posted on Monday, 9 September

Burgerlordwrapformyitastemvpdoe #moreburgers

Posted on Wednesday, 28 August

Uh oh. What’s this? #freshmencrew #madhatters #kidswithguns #sj #sanjose

Posted on Thursday, 8 August

With @aoksociallounge Wednesday just next week…we wanna let you know that the #UOK heat is just turning up. Sunday August 25th at Rooftop of @sevillanightclub (Riverside). DJ line up TBA

Posted on Wednesday, 31 July

This Saturday I will be celebrating my BERFDAY w/ handsome DJs @dj_erok & @djjimbojenkins at Crocker Club in DTLA. This is your invitation friends.